Chicago Tribune: Business Blogging Might Not Work

File under ‘shocker of shockers’:

Don’t do it just because everyone else is. Do it because you have an objective in mind.

Other discoveries:
Be sure you don’t blog trade secrets
Make sure your blog has an objective
Don’t ogle co-workers or students
Don’t get too personal
At least they didn’t say What about the children!






2 responses to “Chicago Tribune: Business Blogging Might Not Work”

  1. Martin Avatar

    Good luck to a business that doesn’t want to get too personal with it’s customers !!! We don’t want to know you (stop bothering us!) just buy our products!!!

  2. Des Walsh Avatar

    ‘Blogging has other caveats as well. Consider the inherent risks in entering the publishing business, experts say. Blogs by their nature have encouraged very personal writing, and that can be problematic.’
    Quite right! We don’t need to know what business owners think, or what their values are. We might actually start making personal judgements about who we do business with, rather than just relying on what the advertising companies and pr agencies decide what we need to know and not know.
    And bring back flared pants too!

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