Character Blogs are a Complete Waste of Time

I don’t check Bloglines for a few days and I miss the juicy stuff!
Steve goes off on ‘faux blogs’: Micro Persuasion: Character Blogs are a Complete Waste of Time

A character blog is a giant missed opportunity to have real humans – whether they be employees, customers, or even distillers and bottlers – engaging in a real dialogue with consumers.

Other views:

As others have pointed out and I have blogged here, if people are reading and enjoying a character blog, it serves its purpose. Personally, I can’t dismiss the form of a character blog just because we haven’t seen the great one that makes it all clear.

I personally think character blogs are a weak marketing idea. It seems more like an entertaining idea between marketer and client rather than for the customer. But, maybe it hasn’t been proven, yet.






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  1. Tim Yang Avatar

    I’m actually a fan of character blogs. They’re more of a branding idea rather than a marketing idea. They inject a “fun” value into a brand. My favourite is of course for the Lemony Snicket movie. But I must admit character blogs are really hard to pull off.

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