Catholic High School Students Forced to Take Down Blogs

Real nice:

When students post their faces, personal diaries and gossip on Web sites like and, it is not simply harmless teen fun, according to one Sussex County Catholic school principal. Effective immediately, and over student complaints, the teens were told to dismantle their accounts or similar sites with personal profiles and blogs. Defy the order and face suspension, students were told.

Like this is going to work. Hey kids: create a password protected blog that Principal Skinner can’t get into.
That or take up binge drinking with all your new free time.
And of course this is couched in the usual sex-panic ‘What about the children?!’ terms.
Bet you money that the website for their sports teams have pictures of shirtless swimmers and taut cheerleaders – with the full names of those kids – plus their game schedule… and this stuff is usually in the newspaper as well.






3 responses to “Catholic High School Students Forced to Take Down Blogs”

  1. Tara Kachaturoff Avatar

    What will they think of next? Does the administration really think that kids are going to listen? They’re creative and they’ll find a creative work-around — in fact, they’ve just been given a challenge and you know how teenagers love a challenge! Parents … what do you think?

  2. Lisa WIlcox Avatar

    As a parent of a teenager, this has not ended, that much I know. These kids have indeed as Tara said been issued a challenge and will stand up to it.
    I find it scary that a religion can concievably have that much power over their parishioners that they feel they can control their First Amendment right to free speech. The ever so blurring lines of religion and politics in the country is very scary and this is yet another example.

  3. Steve Harold Avatar

    Why a principal thinks they can order students to take down personal web-sites is beyond me. Outside of school hours, parental responsibility surely is the deciding factor. It does sound like the school doesn’t want negative comments and yet that is exactly what they have brought about.

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