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Evernote’s 5% Problem

I have friends who are die-hard Evernote fanatics. I usually try it every six months or so, don’t get it, and give up, not really understanding what’s the big deal. Chris O’Brien writes about Evernote’s decline and essential product challenges: (via Jason Festa via VentureBeat)

“What winds up happening at Evernote conferences is that people go and they say, ‘Oh, I love Evernote and I’ve been using it for years and now I realize I’ve only been using it for 5 percent of what it can do,’ ” Libin said. “And the problem is that it’s a different 5 percent for everyone. If everyone just found the same 5 percent, then we’d just cut the other 95 percent and save ourselves a lot of money. It’s a very broad usage base. And we need to be a lot better about tying it together. And I think we have. We’ve got a few things we’re launching over the next few months to help with that.” Evernote had spread itself too thin, and there was no core experience. Though Evernote did, in fact, continue to push out new features and products, they never managed to fix the underlying problem.

VentureBeat: Evernote’s 5% problem offers a cautionary lesson to tech companies

InMobi CEO Naveen Tewari In VentureBeat: Look East Before West

InMobi CEO Naveen Tewari’s guest post on VentureBeat looks at the advantages of Indian entrepreneurs who look east to India’s Silicon Valley – Bangalore – as they start a new business venture:

East-to-West strategy makes most sense for businesses centered on new technologies the Internet, mobile, and cloud being the obvious examples. The rationale is simple: New technologies are adopted almost uniformly across Western and Eastern markets and even if the market characteristics and sophistication levels differ, the East is still a viable option to base the business. This is because Asian countries, especially India, have abundant and affordable technical talent, making it easy to create a solid technology-centered offering. The East has also historically been a place where mobile technology and adoption has developed at an accelerated rate compared to the West, so basing your operations there, especially if your business has a healthy mobile component, helps to ensure that you’ll be ahead of the curve compared to your western counterparts.

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