Case Study: Social Networks and Network Security Journal

How to make use of social media in search engine marketing

The article itself needs to be focused. Hagans also recommends making it “Lifehacker goodâ€?: It is all-important to offer help, tips or advice. Make sure it’s pretty: Add photos, lists and bolded words, so they don’t have to read the entire article to get the point. Another tip is to link out generously. Bloggers are addicted to checking the referrals and they will digg you or link back. He submitted to these sites:

1. Digg, Netscaspe, Stubmleupon, Reddit, Delicious

2. Second tier: Yahoo MyWeb, Furl

3. Top industry sites: Sent a tip email to Slashdot, Lifehacker, etc. Links from these sites will get you a lot of visitors and many of them have dig account






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