Buy Old Domains from Sites Already in Google to Boost Search Engine Ranking

I was Googling around about buying old domain names – to help get out of the ‘sandbox’ that Google keeps brand spanking new sites in and found this gem from:

Site may appear on top for some medium-competition keywords a week or two after launch, then they drop to the bottom of the SERP for 6-8 months.
No top rankings even for slightly competitive keywords for 6-8 months.
Site may still appear on top for obscure keyword phrases like the company name or the management team.
Site PageRank and backlinks are visible, but they don’t seem to help the site.
No amount of off-page or on-page optimization will help your site can’t escape the aging filter effect.

And as Liz mentions: Be sure that the old site for the old domain you are buying is still in Google’s cache.






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