Building a Blog Empire

Full audio of our call with Duncan Riley (4 MB, MP3).
00:00 Introduction
04:30 Embracing bloggers versus insulting bloggers

Credibility is very important
Blogging has reduced the obstacles to self-publishing

11:10 International blogosphere

Keeping in mind your audience may not know your slang, metrics or conventions.

17:15 Running a blog empire
21:00 How can your practices be adapted to solo entrepreneurs?
30:00 Super-duper secret for lots of traffic.
31:44 Little things count and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to promote your blog.
34:00 Blogs aren’t an instant millionaire fix.
36:20 A-List anxiety
39:00 What can blogs do what most people don’t think about?


40:30 Final thoughts






3 responses to “Building a Blog Empire”

  1. The Blogger Chronicles Avatar

    Building a Blog Empire

    Andy Wibbels over at Easy Bake Weblogshas a podcast interview with Blog Herald’s Duncan Riley. They cover a lot of topics including running a Blog empire. IT’s worth a listen.

  2. John Evans (SYNTAGMA) Avatar

    Great podcast, Andy. Much appreciated.

  3. Scooby 205 Avatar

    Hi is anyone starting a new safelist programme it would be good to find one

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