Brand Voice Is Inherently Inauthentic

Cogent point from a Metafilter discussion of the Twitter account @brandssayingbae: (bae is slang for ‘my dear’ or ‘my boo’ and is an acronym for ‘before anyone else’)

“This is one of the many things about marketing that I find so stupid and so baffling. There’s so much talk in the industry about “authenticity”, yet the entire premise of the enterprise is inherently inauthentic. When you craft a made-up “persona” and “voice” through hours of painstaking statistical research, creepy data mining, customer profiling, spreadsheets, meetings, 60-page Word documents, and multiple rounds of review and debate and focus-grouping? When you pay some employee to play-act on social media as an anthropomorphized version of the ‘brand identity’ you thusly constructed? That’s the fuckin’ opposite of authentic. That’s like sociopath-level inauthenticity.


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