Blogs Stats: What They’re Saying

Blogs by the numbers: Estimates of the number of Web logs range from 10 to 32 million, according to Carl Bialik, of the Wall Street Journal. In the end, Bialik concludes, the number of blogs does not matter, “Since so many are abandoned soon after they’re launched.” strong>What does matter, he said, is the number of items posted by blog writers. That’s an indication of activity and life. Technorati says it tracks as many as 900,000 postings a day, while Blog Pulse says it sees about 450,000. In any event, blog readership appears small compared to well-known Web sites. “Very few individual blogs have a significant number of readers,” Bialik wrote. ComScore Media Metrix researched traffic for about a dozen prominent blogs last month, and only five met the analytical firm’s minimum threshold for statistical significance of 150,000 visitors a month. Gawker Media’s Gawker was tops with 304,000, followed by the company’s with 287,000. had 250,000, Daily Kos had 212,000 and Gizmodo’s audience numbered 209,000.






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