Blogs, Public Relations and PR Practices (with Rick Bruner)

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Subscribe to the podcast when it is ready through iTunes, Podnova, or Odeo. Or join the newsletter. As part of the outreach for Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging, I’m hosting a free series of expert calls with some of the top blogging brainiacs out there. Our third call is with Rick Bruner from DoubleClick.
Rick Bruner is research director of DoubleClick, a leading provider of digital advertising technology and services. Rick is widely regarded as an expert in the field of Internet marketing and advertising, a frequent speaker at industry conferences and the co-author of the book Net Results: Web Marketing That Works. He has been blogging since 2002 and is the founder of, a group blog which focuses on using blogs for marketing.
Our call is going to focus on how to bloggers can use PR for marketing and how PR professionals can use bloggers for their marketing.






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