Blogs: Passing Fad?

If there’s one way to get lots of blog traffic – it is to declare blogs useless or a fad. I don’t know why Sean declares blogs and podcasting future fads when they are already reaching ‘cringe-worthy’ magnitudes of mention.
Essentially his article boils down the essentials:
If your company doesn’t have the balls/eggs/nads to let its employees blog honestly and openly (and of course with some sort of non-disclosure agreement), then don’t bother. Quoth he:

People read blogs because they actually provide interesting links, insightful commentary and, most of all, authenticity. Corporate blogging is tough unless the higher-ups in PR are willing to give away editorial freedom. Chances are they won’t.

Also on his list of future fads are RSS, social networking, podcasting and video. These aren’t all future fads – they are right-here, right-now fads. The buzz is unavoidable – and yes, annoying as hell sometimes.
Blogs are about that elusive thing called authenticity. That brave human voice that talks from the top of a company or from the bottom of the company.
You want to talk cringe: When folks say they want to have someone ghost-write their blog I get really grossed out by that. If you don’t have the time to blog: don’t blog. Hire a blogger but let them blog as themselves – not as you. The whole point of this is ‘horse’s mouth.’
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