Blogs and Social Software

Full audio of our call with LeeLeFever (20 MB, MP3).
00:00 Introduction
01:00 Blogs versus Discussion Forums

They are different enough to continue to be separate tools.
Lotus of control: in a blog the author calls the shots on where the content goes, in a forum anybody can guide the direction of the conversation.
Deeper look at small group versus broader look at a large group.

05:45 Where do wikis and social network fit in?

A wiki is a storage/archive
Blogs and forums are good at capturing flow.

07:30 Blogs as a million listeners – not just a million voices.
09:00 Using PubSub, Feedster and Technorati to track topics online
14:35 How can blogs best be used by solo professionals?
17:40 Where do keywords have to appear to be picked up by search engines and blog trackers?
18:30 Linking back and forth between a website and a blog.
22:15 Do I have multiple topics on one blog or multiple blogs? (There’s really no right answer)

Too much self-promotion can turn people off.

24:40 What’s a wiki?
30: 40 What is a TrackBack?
34:05 Parting words: RSS’s impact on the horizon.

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