Blogosphere: We Still Hate Paris

Isn’t that amazing. Even if you wrap perennial Stupid Spoiled Whore Paris Hilton in the ‘ooh shiny’ gossamer of podcasting, she is still a drug-addled whiny wretch.






3 responses to “Blogosphere: We Still Hate Paris”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Fuck you all!!!! Paris is a great woman. You freaking bitches are just insecure… god, youre so immature. She’s just enjoying her life. No big deal and she knows how to carry herself…

  2. orin Avatar

    Oh dear… I fear she may actually have ‘fans’. There’s a frightening thought. Think… think of the children!
    Either that or she’s personally trolling weblogs in defense of her self-indulgent, lackluster, completely irrelevant sham of a podcast.
    (I didn’t like it, in case you were wondering)

  3. Theresea Avatar

    Paris just needs direction. She should give God a chance and accept his offer he made
    to all of us when he died on a cross at Calvary to take away the sins of man. It doesn’t
    matter what you’ve done, if you’ve messed up and have made some bad choices, Jesus will forgive a person and lift their guilt and bad choices and give them a brand new start even if man won’t. if they will beleive on him and his blood that he shed, it will take away your sins. I would encourage Paris to come into a relationship with God, more then going to church every sunday which is important to learn how God expects us to live with his Power he gives us through the Holy Spirit but also so he can guide her everyday in her decisions and be the friend and saviour she needs. Our world offer’s nothing more
    then what she’s been a part of. What do people expect. Where else do people
    get their standards from in how they live. God is our creator. What he thinks is the
    most important thing and if he approves. She needs to be ready to live in eternity if she should die young or old and for when jesus comes again. He is coming Soon. Sin will not enter in heaven and Paris has made some decisions that need to change if she wants Gods approval in her lifestyle and she can do it with God’s help through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

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