Blogonomics: I’m In

I’m pleased as punch to announce that I’m joining Robert, Toby, Tris, Jim, Dave, Steve, B.L., Jeremy, John and Scott. And DARREN! We’re going to be presenting Six Figure Blogging as part of the program.
The Blogonomics cruise sets sail from Miami to Cozumel on a Royal Carribean cruise ship packed with the top bloggin brainiacs out there. This is going to be FUN!
Hopefully Ron’ll get to come with me.
Full details on the cruise…






5 responses to “Blogonomics: I’m In”

  1. Jim Turner Avatar

    Sheesh I musta missed the boat! Of course mine is leaving from Fort Lauderdale…;)

  2. Tris Avatar

    Welcome aboard matey!
    Looking forward to meeting you in person … heck I’m looking forward to meeting most of the presenters in person!

  3. FMF Avatar

    THIS IS SO GREAT!!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet you and learn sooooooo much!!! It will be a blast!!!

  4. Lyle Lachmuth Avatar

    A ‘cruise’ ship…
    full of Blogging Maniacs!
    They just engage in blogging each other…
    isn’t that kinda like having sex with yourself?

  5. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    I kinda feel sorry for the newbies. It is going to be downright carnivorous with all these newbile businesses just looking to hookup with the right vendors.

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