BlogNashville Day 2

I can tell our attention is wavering. Lunch is approaching and I look at screens around me and folks are checking email during lulls in the discussion.
This morning we hear from Bill Beach from Heritage on the use of stats and computer reporting in the New Newsroom. I do enjoy that they are not making any kind of value judgement that the work that some bloggers do is akin to journalism – for better or for worse. They see that an educated electorate is the best defense against ignorance and spin.
Now we are with Kirk Johnson, learning about pivot tables and IF/THEN statements in Excel.
I’m already getting antsy to get home. I’m like that. I feel sort of free-floating out here. Though I’m checking email, blog comments and all else on the hour. I am looking forward to tonight’s panel and tomorrow discussions. Still deciding if I’ll go to the shebang tonight. This computer training saps my brain – but makes me hungry to do my own analysis on stuff.
(more later)
We are waiting for lunch to appear… I am trying to act busy since there are journalists here and like all Americans I want to scream I’m on TV! (one of the best truisms of South Park)
I ended up forgoing tonights blogging and journalism panel since my brain was mush from two days of computer training. I came back to my sister’s place and took a nap and then we had dinner. Probably the best decision in the long run since tomorrow is a marathon.






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  1. anonyMoses Avatar

    I empathize with you, and am not entirely disconsolate at not being able to attend, like I had previously thought I hoped. But alas, I have been spoiled. I got to attend Ed Cone’s conference in Greensboro, and Anton Zuiker’s conference in Chapel Hill, and both of those seemed to have a more reasonable number and mix of people, and a more reasonable duration. As someone charged with having to think about such things, since I will be sponsoring one this fall, I want to take the pulse, as it were, and craft accordingly. I think I’ll go with a small gathering, and do it all in a day.
    I think I should like to factor in a more festive, celebratory atmosphere, and maybe go ahead and spring for the burlesque girls.
    Cone, Winer and Gillmor are three not to miss. They should make your visit worthwhile. About the others I cannot speak with experience, although I suspect MacKinnon and Rubel would be delightful and instructive…best when served together.
    Dave Beckwith
    Trade Street Journal

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