Blogging Platform Junkie Settles Down

In a previous post I recounted some of my journey in search of the blogging platform that would work for me. I’m happy to say the journey is now essentially complete and the platform chosen is Blogware via BlogHarbor.
One of the many good things about Blogware is that you get a free 30 day trial, with nearly all the bells and whistles and without having to hand over your credit card details. So I was running a comparative test, using both the Lockergnome and BlogHarbor resellers. Pretty soon I decided on BlogHarbor. The technology is the same but I experienced much better and more personal, rapid support from John Keegan, the BlogHarbor guy.
Having decided to make BlogHarbor my new platform, I then decided to move immediately, even though I still had 3 weeks or so of free trial. Reason? I had a domain sitting by – – and I needed to upgrade to a paid subscriber to be able to have that as my primary url for the blog. Getting that organised from my domain host, GoDaddy, was not as easy as it might be for the more technically savvy – again, John Keegan came to the rescue and helped me, speedily but patiently, get it all set up. And I can have two other urls pointing to that site.
There are things I’m still learning, as you do, about this new platform, and I am very confident that with the support that’s there at BlogHarbor, both directly through the support ticket function and through the online forum, I will sort out whatever needs to be sorted out.
Through all this and no doubt through hanging out here with Andy, I’ve become a bit of a blogging evangelist, not at Andy’s level or with the same intensity, but I am absolutely convinced that blogging is a wonderful gift for people, like me, in home based businesses, who want to both do business and build community (or the other way around) online.
And for anyone who, like me, is daunted by technical terms and procedures that our programming savvy mates have no problem with, I have to say that the journey to find the blogging platform that works for me has been worth every one of the many hours I’ve spent on it.






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