Blogging Myth #1: You have to blog every day.

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Since the most prominent bloggers out there are blogging every day – sometimes multiple times a day, many beginning bloggers think they have to match that pace. Lies, I tell ya!
I recommend beginning bloggers commit to at least three posts a week. Surely you can come across three things worth telling your readers over the course of seven days. If you can’t then I’d say you aren’t on the pulse of your target audience – which is a different matter entirely.
Anytime you email something to a friend or colleague or make a mental note to read an article later on – BLOG IT. Add to your online storehouse of knowledge.
Many blog tools allow you to schedule your blog’s posts ahead of time. You can schedule a week’s worth of blog posts in the time it takes to drink a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea (which is neither tea nor required to be from Long Island – discuss!).






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