Blogging Cheatsheets for Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and Movable Type

Confused by your blog platform?

Can’t remember where a certain feature is at?

I created some blog cheatsheets that map out the interfaces of the popular blogging platforms: (in Adobe PDF format)

Blogger Cheatsheet

WordPress Cheatsheet

TypePad Cheatsheet

Movable Type Cheatsheet






47 responses to “Blogging Cheatsheets for Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and Movable Type”

  1. Leslie Avatar

    Many thanks for this… I waste more time trying to keep track of where what is, and this is great!

  2. Pamela Avatar

    Thanks Andy. A very timely and much appreciated resource to counteract the effects of my advancing age and diminishing memory! 🙂

  3. Stephen Avatar

    Neat Andy – thank you very much!

  4. Deborah Avatar

    This is wonderful Andy. Much appreciated! Cheers, Deborah

  5. Pat Avatar

    Thanks, Andy. This is very helpful!

  6. Kathy Mallary Avatar

    Cool — another mindmapper! I used MindJet to plan out my website and I also use it to plan my products and teleclasses. Hadn’t thought of using a mindmap for this though — thanks for saving me some time, Andy!

  7. Shari Avatar

    These are excellent, Andy…thanks so much!

  8. pixelgraphix Avatar

    Wo finde ich was in meiner Blogsoftware?

    Wenn man sich nicht täglich mit der Konfiguration einer Weblog-Software beschäftigt, fragt man sich ab und an doch mal, wo das ein oder andere Konfigurationsdetail zu finden ist. Um hier…

  9. *ginevra Avatar

    i love this – I posted it to our internal blogs here at SAHQ…

  10. Debbie Weil Avatar

    I’ve taken a gentle swipe at your blogging cheatsheets here:
    They’re great, despite my blog post.

  11. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    Heh heh.
    Hey man, I’m just the messenger!

  12. Tara Kachaturoff Avatar

    Thanks Andy for letting me have an early sneak peak at your “cheat sheets”. I like the one page layout as opposed to the outlined, several page version that I made for TypePad. Great work, much appreciated, and always welcomed. You’re the best Wibbels!

  13. Gsyi´s blog Avatar

    Blogging Cheatsheets

    Einige Cheatsheet für folgenden Blogsoftware stellt Andy Wibbels in seinem Blog zum Download zur Verfügung:…

  14. Behind the Scenes Avatar

    Do you have a hard time finding the different features within your blogging platform?

    Andy Wibbels (Of Easy Bake Weblogs fame) has put together maps for each of the blogging softwares. VERY easy to use and it dramatically cuts your time when hunting through the dashboard. Such a huge timesaver, IMO. Check out the WordPress one… fin…

  15. Michele Corey Avatar

    Thanks I love the visual…it has definitely saved me time. And I’m sure my blog readers will appreciate it too!

  16. Azouzi Avatar

    Merci beaucoup, je voulais savoir qui était le meilleur parmi les services blog et j’ai trouvé ce post!!
    Thank you again

  17. link building Avatar

    And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

  18. Richard Schefren Avatar

    I love the mindmap – thanks for your work – I am new to blogging and I had my assistant set it up for me, and i am wondering if he did it right regarding SEO purposes. If anyone knows and could give me advice on how to make my blog more search engine friendly I would really appreciate it. My blog is located on my link above. thanks in advance.

  19. Paul Avatar

    Glad to read such a nice piece of information.

  20. chinna Avatar

    hey,thank u soooooooooooo much yarrrrrrrrrrrr

  21. john Avatar

    this is very helpful. thanks

  22. pixelgraphix Avatar

    Wo finde ich was in meiner Blogsoftware?…

    Wenn man sich nicht täglich mit der Konfiguration einer Weblog-Software beschäftigt, fragt man sich ab und an doch mal, wo das ein oder andere Konfigurationsdetail zu finden ist. Um hier Abhilfe zu schaffen, hat Andy Wibbels übersichtliche Blogging …

  23. Syl Leduc Avatar

    Andy, I want to send a huge THANKS. I screwed up something on my blog and didn’t have access to your book. I knew I could count on finding what I needed by coming to your site. The template is perfect to figure out what I did wrong.

  24. Dana Theus Avatar

    Hm. Would love to look at the cheatsheets, but they’re not loading!

  25. Tim Avatar

    Good work! Very useful.

  26. godofnetizens Avatar

    Makes life easier 😉

  27. Amarnath Avatar

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Would like to link this to my blog.

  28. alwazer Avatar

    Thank you
    The article is quite remarkable

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