Bloggers of Color: 10 Assumptions White Bloggers Make

Brownfemipower guest blogs on Zuky and uncovers some assumptions white bloggers make about minority bloggers. #9 is my favorite.

1. Bloggers of color means “black”.
2. Bloggers of color are poor.
3. Bloggers of color hold mostly menial labor jobs (hence the lack of time or willingness to do something “educated” like blog).
4. Bloggers of color haven’t been educated at elite universities.
5. Bloggers of color don’t have their own thriving communities.
6. Bloggers of color didn’t create those communities as a direct result of the neglect and/or outright racism of white bloggers.
7. Bloggers of color are standing outside the Doors of the Elite and staring balefully through the windows, longing with all our hearts to be invited in.
8. Bloggers of color need white folks.
9. Bloggers of color don’t have a very real existing and standing critique of white leftists and their organizing strategies.
10. Bloggers of color have not made the deliberate choice to not be involved in the organizing efforts of white led/centered groups.






9 responses to “Bloggers of Color: 10 Assumptions White Bloggers Make”

  1. Kate Avatar

    This is a joke, right? Because I’m offended and I’m not “of color.”

  2. Josh Lewis Avatar
    Josh Lewis

    Hopefully Brownfemipower realizes how insecure and hateful this comes across as. I rarely think about bloggers race or sex. Most don’t put pictures on their blogs like you do. I would bet I read blogs by gays and even liberals. I wouldn’t know because I focus on their content. If it’s good I read, it if sucks I ignore. Race, sex, age, politics, etc. never enter into the equation. It’s sad that this person perceives such horrible bias where none exists.

  3. cindy@staged4more Avatar

    I haven’t encountered any of these at the blogsphere that I visit, but I do see them happen when you sub “bloggers” for “people.” These assumptions need to be changed for this world to become a better place. We should not be divided into different people, but we should come together for one common goal, which is the bettering of this society.

  4. Joan Avatar

    What an idiotic list. I’m not “of color” and I don’t hold a single one of those thoughts about bloggers (or people) “of color”.
    In fact, when I read a blog, it never even occurs to me to think “Hmmm, I wonder what race/gender/religion/sexual orientation/whatever this person is?”
    Lumping all “white bloggers” together in a stereotyped list is just as ridiculous and offensive as the list of opinions we supposed hold about bloggers of color.

  5. Monica Ricci Avatar

    Dude, seriously? Does Brownfemipower really think that? And if he/she is brown, how does he/she know what “white” bloggers assume about bloggers of color? By “uncovering” them, as you said? Mmmmm okay.
    Oh and on top of that, I am a white girl and it never occurred to me to think of another blogger as a “blogger of color”. It doesn’t even make sense. It’s like saying “Shoe salesman of color”. Huh??

  6. No Group Identity Avatar
    No Group Identity

    Are you kidding? What a broad generalization.
    In the Blogosphere, no one can tell what color you are.

  7. Roy Avatar

    This is about as racist as a post as anyone can make.
    I’m a white person and have never made any of these assumptions. How can you claim to be against racism by posting such a racist claim???
    This is terribly upsetting to me. How are we ever going to stop perpetuating this if all non color people are labeled as racists???

  8. Nneka | Spirituality Avatar

    As a blogger “of color”, I’m appalled. I’ve not encountered any of the above in my 2 years of blogging. I believe a transfer of emotions and thinking from the real world seeped into this one. Even then, those generalizations won’t hold. By those standards, I’ll probably be labeled an Uncle Tom for making the previous statements.

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