Bloggers as Time’s Person of the Year?

Steve Rubel knows one rule – never underestimate any group’s self-perceived self-importance:

For 2004, I cannot think of a single person or persons that had a greater influence on society than the bloggers. Let’s remind them by making our voice heard. If you think about American politics, media, business – no one, no one had a greater influence for better or worse than the bloggers.

I’m torn. Yes, bloggers had a large impact on politics/society in the past year but I still think a well-placed devil-horned picture of Karl Rove (he’s actually in the running). And it might shed some light on push polling.
My favorite comment comes from Metafilter:

Bloggers, who happen to be the spawn of self-important web designers, also happen to place a ridiculous self-importance upon themselves in comparision to the rest of the world.






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