4 thoughts on “Blog URL Forwarding

  1. Andy

    You can also do the more involved domain mapping where you are actually forwarding the underlying DNS to TypePad. It’s a bear of a process, though.

  2. Tom Hanna

    Then there’s always the option of hosting your blog with a “regular” webhost instead of one of the blog only companies. Look for a host that features the Fantastico automatic script installation feature – most of these will include automatic install of WordPress, pMachine and several other open source blog packages. And it’s not like the Famous 5 Minute Install of WordPress is that hard to do anyway, as long as your host supports PHP and mySQL.
    Cost – typically $10/month or less.

  3. Matt

    Thanks, Gents. Good advice.
    I’m now read up on domain mapping and I’ll try it this weekend.
    Just this morning, I just paid my year-in-advance with Typepad, so I’m there for awhile.


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