Blog Monetization: Ideas for Making Money on Your Blog

Deb Ng, a freelance writer, wrote a post at Performancing about how she makes money with her blog. Posting about a prior story by Amy Derby who makes $1,000 per month on her blog, Deb shares with us what she’s doing in terms of monetization.
From Adsense to Amazon, combined with a bit of Kontera and a Buy Me a Cup of Coffee plug in, Deb is really doing well with making money from her blog.
She also shares some things that didn’t work so well. One thing she does mention is the importance of experimenting — and doing it on a regular basis.
So our takeaways might be …
· List the techniques you want to use to monetize your blog.
· Start experimenting with them.
· Keep good records as to their performance.
· Try different methods over time, measuring the results.
· Read about and actively investigate the tools and techniques that others are using to monetize their blogs — especially with blogs that in the same niche as yours.
What has worked for you when it comes to blog monetization? What hasn’t? We’d love to hear from you.






2 responses to “Blog Monetization: Ideas for Making Money on Your Blog”

  1. Susan Heart Avatar
    Susan Heart

    Thank you for starting this thread. One thing I have found that really helps on my site is to SEO everything I post, whether its an article or a straight-up ad.
    To accomplish this, I am using a tool called Glyphius. It is a software program that “scores” your text based on a database of profitable ads. I simply copy and past headlines and keywords in and then follow the ideas this program gives me to improve my rankings!

  2. Paola Avatar

    Posting on things that my target market is discussing in the forums. Sharing personal things too. I get emails saying oh, me too…

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