Blog Marketing for Entrepreneurs: Be Useful and Entertain

I keep mulling over this diagram: (that was supposed to be a coin but seems more like a glowing stargate)

I’m always chiding my blogging clients to remember the two main reasons people go online: to be entertained or for utility. How can your blog be entertaining today – not just snarky and bitchy (that is way too easy) but maybe even a little provocative… or even bold, outrageous and provocative (a BOP! statement as Tina and Andrea say). How can your blog break through the chatter by saying the unsaid? If provocative seems a little too Current Affair (it’s back, baby!) then think of being evocative… evoke a reaction from your readers…
And usefulness… aside from politics and geekery, the most popular posts are often how-to’s. The internet is built on the FAQ concept: anyone can learn anything they want on their own time and there’s no such thing as a stupid question. How can you contribute to the knowledge collective? Write a quick 5-step guide on something you’ve done or you’ve learned. Make it a point to login to Wikipedia once a week and add to the world’s knowledge.
Oh and give it away for free.






4 responses to “Blog Marketing for Entrepreneurs: Be Useful and Entertain”

  1. E. Alvin Davis Avatar

    Excellent points (as usual), Andy. Entertainment is a crucial part of our society — and learning. It’s too bad the public education hasn’t figured this out yet.
    Take care and thanks for such a wonderful blog.
    E. Alvin Davis

  2. �り�る Avatar

    blogging evangelist

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  3. ricardo Avatar

    there’s a Blog that explain how the ONLINE AUCTION ACADEMY rip-off people?

  4. David St Lawrence Avatar

    Insightful post!
    It sums up what I have been trying to accomplish with my blog and recent book.
    If you had written this several months ago, my book would have been published and I’d be well on my second one.
    Keep up the excellent writing.
    David St Lawrence
    Ripples: post-corporate adventures

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