Blog Hype to Die Off (Eventually)

USA Today on The Great Blog Hype:

“Blogging is to the 2000s what Web sites were to the 1990s and desktop publishing was to the 1980s,” says Guy Kawasaki, managing director of Garage Technology Ventures. In other words, we’ve seen this movie before. A new technology makes it easier for individuals to create and share information, which gives people an intoxicating sense of power they’d never before experienced. Next thing you know, this new technology is a “revolution” that “changes everything” and “makes dogs and cats love each other”and other such claims. Certainly each new technology is significant and alters the dynamics of society and business. Blogs are doing just that.

I can’t wait for the bubble to pop. If there is one. Once the hype behind blogs settles down we can get back to actually making them useful parts of online life/business.






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