Blog Design: 30 Designs to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Click on over to Smashing Magazine to get a first-hand glimpse of 30 interesting blog designs. Some were very interesting. I liked Elitist Snob. It’s a clean, cute design that reminds me of Freelance Switch — a blog I enjoy reviewing on a regular basis.
With only a month until the end of 2007, maybe it’s time to start thinking about a new design change for your blog. Sometimes that fresh start is all it takes to inspire you to write more … and it could inspire more visitors as well.
What about your blog design? Are you still using your original blog design? If not, why did you change to something new and what were the results? We’d love to hear your stories.






2 responses to “Blog Design: 30 Designs to Jumpstart Your Creativity”

  1. Chris Bailey Avatar

    Tara, I’ve been blogging for a little over 3 years and think I’m on my 4th official blog design. I’m kind of a serial blog redesigner. But at least I can say that each design is an improvement over the last.
    With my current design, I chose a starting template that’s clean and has a cms style. I then spent around 5 weeks customizing it so it’s just right for my taste.
    Now…we’ll just see how long this one lasts. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m on design #5 by the end of summer 2008.

  2. Tara Kachaturoff Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your story about your experience with blog design. I checked out your site. I like the clean, clear design — looks fantastic. I love white space — makes for a nice environment for reading.
    Changing a blog design is like painting a room or buying some new furniture — new look and feel, fun, and refreshing.

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