Become an Online Business Manager by Tina Forsyth (Book Review)

There’s a few people in this world I’d trust with anything and one of them is Tina Forsyth. Eric and I have often referred to Tina and Andrea J. Lee as our Witches of Eastwick (the third was Susan Austin who appears to be still underground – hope she’s okay).

I first met Tina back in my Coachamatic days when I flew out to San Jose for a weekend seminar with Chris Barrow. I knew back then she was a business bad-ass. And through the years, I’ve worked for and with Tina and watched in awe as they built a world-class company. Few people can say they have had an impact on an industry like she can.

Tina and Andrea are a perfect yin-yang business partnership with Andrea taking a more conceptual view of the enterprise and Tina grounding things into actionable reality. I read their stuff and always say: Why didn’t I think of that?!And finally Tina got down to writing the book we’ve all been waiting for:


Become an Online Business Manager: Playing a Bigger Game with Your Clients and Yourself

A decade ago no one would really entertain the idea of needing or being an online business manager – or fully understanding the nuances that make online business different. But now we know that entire careers and fortunes are being made online by people over the world who have found a way to bring their products and services to thousands of people. And at the core of any successful online business is an online business manager.

Tina cooks a decade of experience into a practical approach to training to become an online business manager. She walks through how to build your skills, find clients and run the day-to-day details of a business manager.

I think the most important concept in the book is that the growth of a business is directly related to the business owner’s personal development. That usually takes people a bit of time to get used to. But your business is an extension of yourself. If you work in a company, your job is an extension of yourself (and how could it not be when you spend half your waking hours there?). Your business will quickly extract your strengths and weaknesses as you succeed/fail, fly/flop or muddle through. As an online business manager you have the opportunity to witness a business owner make this realization and be a midwife for their success. And of course, your own business as a manager will instruct and inform you as well. I’ve seen it in myself and my colleagues – the more in touch you are with your identity and the core of what makes you you – what sets you apart – the more successful your busines will be.

If you find yourself doing work as a virtual assistant and gradually shifting into more of a partnership with your clients, then you are becoming an online business manager and need to step your game – and the game of your clients. If you are considering hiring an online business manager – be sure they’ve read or are reading this book – and read it yourself so you know how to shop for an online business manager.

Go check out Tina’s book right now…

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