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Andy, I was just about to pass your site on to a friend of mine who is also in internet marketing when I came across your word “bastard.” That is unacceptable language in a professional situation and many people find it offensive. You will find greater success with a greater number of people when you use respectable words. Just a tip from a friend…

I am keenly aware of the language I use and the effect it has on others and how it communicates my brand and personality. If someone is riled by sharp language then they probably aren’t a good fit for me or my business.
And it also means they haven’t heard me talk about asshole marketing, tag whores, or calling bullshit on John Gray.

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Andy is an award-winning blogger and author of the book Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Wired, Business Week, Forbes, and other national and international media. He was worked at several San Francisco startups including Typepad, Get Satisfaction, SInMobi, Keas, and Mindjet. Currently, Andy is Director of Marketing at Lucidworks. Tw · Fb · G+ · Li

33 thoughts on “Bastard

  1. Tara McGillicuddy

    I agree!! It’s like the people who get upset at my typos probably wouldn’t make good clients for me.
    Come on, Bastard isn’t even on George Carlin’s list is it? I could see a few people getting upset if you dropped the “F Bomb” but Bastard???

  2. Alex Grech

    Bastards and ass holes inhabit real life, and are part of our every day vernacular. Someone who has a problem with that will never ‘get’ what you have to offer his business or life proposition..

  3. Erin Blaskie

    Love the post! I’m all for being yourself – even in the virtual, business world. In fact, my favorite thing to tell potential clients in our first call is that I’m a shoe whore and that I need to buy at least one pair of shoes per week. At least it lets them know that I expect them to pay me so I can fulfill this obsession of mine.

  4. KG

    You gotta be you — good for you for sticking to your guns.
    I find it hilarious that people get offended by words like that, especially when there are a whole host of TRULY offensive things on this planet (intolerance and prejudice, situation in Darfur, most governments ignoring global warming).

  5. Sharon Sarmiento

    Using the word “bastard” means you’re a potty mouth?
    Geez, now that person is strict! You’re better off without her, Andy. 🙂
    This is probably a person who still has that “everything must be politically correct” corporate mindset.
    Bastards, all of ’em!

  6. Chris Swain

    Give the “Hell” Andy! I too wash my hands of bastards like that. To all the potty mouths on the net, I salute you.

  7. Licia Berry

    Hey Andy,
    I think this is a great example of getting even clearer who you are writing for….obviously this reader is not your target audience, and that’s okay! You can only be authentic to who you are, and the “right” audience will follow. To thine own self be true!!!
    Thanks for your fresh, shake-it-up energy,

  8. Erin

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  9. Lindsay

    O.K. That does it… you have gone too far this time! I am going to call in the Thought Police, the Moral Crusaders for Mediocrity and, well, any body else, I can think of who will punish you… I’ll spread the word, I’ll tell people how you used Bastard with a capital B…

  10. Adam Hommey

    Congratulations on your commitment to be true to yourself and your brand.
    I use the “F” word in conversations with clients every day (as do many of our clients with me). That’s called “real conversations with real people.” I speak my mind publicly and call something for what it is. When I get on a roll, I can let out a blue streak that would make a drill sergeant pause.
    Some uninformed people call me “unprofessional” or tell me to “watch my mouth.”
    Without exception, these people are just ninnies and cowards who actually fear the “midnight knock at the door” from the PC police. My response – “F” em all!
    And while we’re on the subject of corporate mindset that some other posters brought up, before I went into business for myself I worked for three companies. Without exception, every one of my bosses and supervisors for whom I have respect to this day, regularly used words like “bastard” and the “F” word. Again, that’s how real people talk in real situations. It’s the ones who were all PC about that, that never really meant much to me, then or now.
    Strong language is a part of life. People need to grow up. God!
    Keep it real!
    – ARH

  11. Mel

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  12. Jeff

    Anybody with a “personal development blog” containing the words “bastard”, “asshole”, and “whore”, I need to have in my aggregator.
    f-wordin’ a.

  13. Jayne

    It never ceases to amaze me the people who troll around the internet checking other people’s grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.
    Sounds like someone missed his calling as a primary school teacher. As far as I’m concerned, those are the only people who have a legitimate call to correct others, and even then they should confine it to their students.

  14. Des Walsh

    Your critic should probably not visit Australia, where the word is used frequently, without any conscious reference to parentage and often as a term of friendliness between males. “How are goin’, y’ole bastard?” is a very matey greeting. “Lucky bastard” a mixture of envy and admiration. “Big bastard got a way” – fisherman’s story. “Cheeky bastard” – a friendly way of talking about, say, a blogger who enjoys ruffling a few feathers 🙂

  15. Anne-Marie

    The only time I ever heard my dad swear was when he was doing business over the phone. And he was a gentleman and very professional.
    Andy, Illegitimi non carborundum – don’t let the bastards get you down.

  16. Melinda

    Dear Andy, you’re entitled to use the language you want, but you really are a cretin. The poor fellow was trying to help you, so when your internet marketing business goes bust, you’ll be able to reflect upon the fact that it’s sometimes good to listen to friendly criticism and not get uptight about it

  17. Melinda

    Dear Andy, I enjoy your blog. You’re entitled to use the language you want, but you really are a cretin. The poor fellow was trying to help you, so when your internet marketing business goes bust, you’ll be able to reflect upon the fact that it’s sometimes good to listen to friendly criticism and not get uptight about it

  18. Priscilla Palmer

    I can help but wonder what happened to you. Not with language (that’s your deal) but, where are you at? For someone who normally posts several times a day to nothing for a month, I’m a just a little concerned. Hope all is okay. We miss you!


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