Banned Words for 2008

Though I don’t agree with banning the word waterboarding (at least not until we ban the practice itself that or rename it Witchhunt Inquisition 2.0) I do agree with the implicit obnoxious for the term webinar. I’ve used it myself but always reluctantly. It is like infopreneur. Or cyberpreneur. Maybe Twuntinar?
Lake Superior State Univestiry’s Banner Words for 2008
Post 9/11 should have been banned years ago and X is the new Y I agree with. Back in the day needs to be thrown into the same pile as ‘old school’. And ‘Under the bus’ is a fantastic term I don’t care what anybody says – how can we have an election season without the phrase ‘throw under the bus’?






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  1. Jen, surefirewealth Avatar

    I checked the list out. I have to say I really like the word “word smithing.” It sounds cool. “Give back” though is something I think came from Oprah first. Among the celebrities anyway. The comments are hilarious but I stand by word smithing.

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