Backlash In Progress: ABC Catches Hell for Crappy Philly Dem Debate – 14K+ Comments

Sure it’s political – but there’s nothing like watching an online backlash in progress. I’ve quit watching the debates they are completely devoid of any cogent analysis or articulation of the US’s economic and foreign policy problems. Instead we focus on Obama’s halo and Clinton’s shiftyness.

Much of the debate’s first half had Senator Obama on the defensive. ABC News anchors Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos confronted Obama about his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and his alleged ties to a former member of the ’60s group the Weather Underground. Obama was even asked about the fact he doesn’t wear an American flag on his lapel. Obama was also pressed about his recent comments that disenfranchised Americans have turned to guns and religion.

I wish we would stop calling them debates. They are nothing but. Completely moderated, completely stage managed and completely planned.

The ABC news site has been swamped with over 14,500 comments and growing.






One response to “Backlash In Progress: ABC Catches Hell for Crappy Philly Dem Debate – 14K+ Comments”

  1. Joan Schramm Avatar

    Seriously, I tuned in the middle and thought I was watching a Sat Night live parody. It was ludicrous. ABC should be ashamed of themselves. Lapel pins and non-existant sniper fire instead of healthcare, economic worries, 4000+ dead in Iraq and the dismantling of the constitution by the current administration. They managed to make Fox news look professional by comparison.

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