Back Away From the Muffin

From my contact form:

Matt writes:

why is there a totally different guy on the front page of your site and in the Media Room?

That old black and white photo is from my theatre days and was used in the dust jacket for Blogwild. I’ve put off doing a new photoshoot while I continue the war on bookfat and attempt to not eat like a fat-ass.

If he thinks it is because I look like I’ve chubbed up then: OUCH.

If it is because I’m beef-cake-ier then: Thnx!

I’ll temper this with an ogle sent to my contact form:

Hey Andy!  Can I say you’re hot?  Hehehehe!  Hope you’re not offended.  See

Of course not! Bloggers live to be ogled and objectified. Ron always tells me I’m the trophy. Though I tell him the same thing.






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