Author: Des Walsh

  • Wanna be in a movie?

    Someone’s making a documentary about bloggers and it appears that if you’re a blogger you and your blog could be in it. See ‘We’re going to make a blogumentary about 59 bloggers who represent the Blogosphere’. It’s happening in America, this summer. If you want to be considered, you have to be in the USA […]

  • Pod Rhymes With Religion

    It had to happen. According to Lycos 50’s Dean: “One of the hottest trends in podcasting is ‘Godcasts.’ Many “pod preachers” of all faiths are converting their weekly sermons into Godcasts to more easily spread the word.” And Frank Barnako in his post Podcasters getting religion picks up on a survey, also by Lycos 50 […]

  • Blogger – So What Level of Service Did You Expect For Free?

    Like many others, I have a account and a fairly untended and lightly visited blog using the free Blogger platform. For me a couple of years ago it was a good way to get started. But now, even though (because?) it’s free, I don’t recommend Blogger to people wanting to get started with blogging […]

  • Creative Types Get New Digital Home at Ourmedia

    Having been involved with the arts for a number of years, I’ve noticed that while there are a lot of creative types who are perfectly at home making their own websites – and now blogs – there are others who plug along pretty well as if the Internet never happened. I believe a lot of […]

  • Blog or Die?

    Shel Israel and Microsoft ‘Geek Blogger’ Robert Scoble are writing a business blogging book online, with the working title (but maybe not for long) of ‘Blog or Die’. In a bold move, they are posting the draft to their Red Couch blog, and inviting comments. Which they are getting. In response to some of the […]

  • Sit, type!

    On the Blogs & Bloggers network over on Ryze, Marla Stout shared with us the delightful Life is Ruff blog of her dog Kegan. I felt I had to share this and trust that Kegan’s charm will be appreciated more widely. Then I found that while I’d been doing other things, the phenomenon of ‘dog […]

  • Blogging Platform Junkie Settles Down

    In a previous post I recounted some of my journey in search of the blogging platform that would work for me. I’m happy to say the journey is now essentially complete and the platform chosen is Blogware via BlogHarbor. One of the many good things about Blogware is that you get a free 30 day […]

  • Blogging Platform Junkie ‘Fesses Up

    OK, I’m a blogging platform junkie – but when I started I thought I would only try one or two! Since discovering the Joys of Blogging back in May 2003, I’ve been on a search for an elegant blogging platform that was suitably friendly to someone who has a smattering of HTML but is not […]