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Would You Piss Yourself For an iBook?

I guess this makes Apple a real Lovemark:

Apple iBook sale in Richmond, VA, turned violent today when people began to fight over the $50, four-year-old used machines on sale by Henrico County School System. One woman urinated on herself instead of losing her place in line. Others were shoved to the ground, and one man tried to drive his car into the crowd.

Upcoming Teleclasses

Here’s the low-down folks!

I’ve had so many folks asking me to put together an intro course about blogs – not the how-to – but a tour of blogs in more depth. Join Peter Flaschner from The Blog Studio and I for a guided tour through the world of blogging – we’ll cover what blogs are, how they can help your business and what to do next. By the end of this course , you’ll know what blogs can do for you and your business – and whether to do-it-yourself or hire a blog designer. 3 Thursdays starting September 1st. Full details and registration…
When I featured Problogger Darren Rowse a few months ago I got a ton of emails asking when I was going to explain how to use blogging to make $10,000 a month. Darren and I are teaming up to present a six-week roadmap for six-figure blogging. We’re having a preview call on September 7th and the program starts on September 14th. Full details plus registration for the free preview call…
Still confused about RSS? Most have heard of RSS and know that it is something that they are supposed to know about but don’t have any clue where to start. Join me for a one-day intensive on RSS and feed technology and how it can help you automate your web-surfing, monitor your industry and publish in a spam-free, virus-proof channel. Saturday August 27th. Full details and registration…

Dealing with Comment Trolls

A big fear among newbie bloggers is how to handle things when a rogue commenter starts using your blog’s comments as their own private graffiti board – especially if they start hurling abusive language at you or other commenters. We call these folks trolls.
I’ve recently been strucky by a rather ornery fellow who has left extensive amounts of profanity and invective on my personal blog – many times adding comments several times an hour. Luckily I have this idiot’s IP address.
IP Addresses Are Like a fingerprint or Social Security number for an internet connection – a unique identifier. Every user on the internet right now has an IP address for their connection to the web – as does every server or router connected to the internet. And every cellphone, BlackBerry, handheld – anything that connects to the internet has an IP address.
Most blog software packages keep track of a commenter’s IP address. So when I look at my comment logs I am able to see that this chump has been posting multiple comments as different people but they all have the same IP address. That or all of these people are on a shared internet connection such as a corporate connection shielded beind a proxy server. That or he has a heinous case of multiple-personality disorder. That or he is simply a very bored man in sore need of a hobby (or a date).
But I ran a search on his IP address and was able to see that he is connected through a Comcast connection in the Bay Area (presumably San Francisco). Most folks that have high-speed connections don’t change IP addresses frequently because their connection is ‘always on’. Compare this to a dial-up connection where each time you dial in to your ISP, you are assigned an IP address.
So I banned him by his IP address – or rather, told my blog software that if anyone posts a comment with that IP address, to hold it in moderation for me to approve later on.
Boy is he angry! Hopefully this will cause this dolt to move on to other more exciting pursuits. If this turned towards the more threatening/stalking phase of things I could file a complaint with his ISP – Comcast probably keeps records of the last few weeks of IP assignments and they could track down this guys user account and turn it over to the proper authorities.
It is a strange psychosis that has gripped this guy – he is posting multiple comments and multiple people – but all on the same blog post. I’ve got five years of posts he could be defacing but he is simply focused on a post about the cartoon series Drawn Together. There’s a salty online expression that applies in this case:


Get your own – ahem – blog.
To ban a commenter by IP address:
In WordPress: Options > Discussion > Comment Moderation (add IP address to Blacklist)
In TypePad: Control Panel > Site Access > Comment Banning
In Movable Type: Main Menu > (Your Blog) > Weblog Configuration

Business Blog Basics

Mark your calendars!!
Before you take one more step and jump on the business blogging bandwagon you need to ask yourself several crucial questions:

  • What is a blog and how does it work? How is that different from a website?
  • What’s the investment? How much is it going to cost me!?
  • Do I need a blog? What is a blog going to do for me?

Join blogging experts Peter Flaschner and Andy Wibbels for a 3-session teleseminar to introduce you and your business to the power of blogs. We’ll take you step-by-step through the basics of business blogging and answer the crucial questions: what you absolutely need to know before you add a blog to your marketing mix.
Full details…

Economists Start Blogging

“Nobody was asking me to write a column, and almost all previous attempts to even publish op-eds were denied,” says Andrew Samwick, professor of economics at Dartmouth College, also known as Vox Baby. Now he has total autonomy — and readers.

Blogs mentioned:

Blogs Are Coming To Get You

The Legal PR Bulletin has posted an article by Richard S. Levick of Levick Strategic Communications on how companies can defend themselves against online critics, titled “A Virtual Omnipresent Enemy.” Levick warns: “It is only a matter of time before blogs become commonplace weapons allowing well-organized adversaries to both disseminate and preserve shrewder anti-corporate messages. Tactically, blogs pose far greater threats than any other kind of online attack.”

Translation: Blogs allow faster, cheaper and easier self-publishing of why our companies and products suck so much.
(via PR Watch)