Assholes on a Plane

So the UK approved in-flight mobile and the FAA is still against cellphone usage on a plane.
You know what?
So am I!
I don’t want some hurf-durf buttereater gabbing on a cellphone within 8 inches of my face on a 4 hour flight while her sticky-fingered harelip progeny crawling over the seat and Oh God I can’t believe we were in seating group 3 I mean I paid almost $37 for my shitty economy class ticket and why don’t I get a snack pack? Or listening to some Glengarry Glen Twat scream at his subordinates half-way over the rockies.
I think the problem is few of the people that makes these legislative decisions have to fly with the rest of the proles.






2 responses to “Assholes on a Plane”

  1. Grant D Griffiths Avatar

    I agree too. There are too many cell phone users who don’t know what it means to use their quiet voice. This will be a nightmare. Now, giving me wi-fi would be just fine.

  2. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    Just as long as nobody Skypes.

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