Are You Blogging Honorably

Super-awesome Jim Kukral does a little commentary on the “pay per post” debate – The Blog Honor Pledge:

I pledge to never write “fake” blog content solely for the purpose of trying to generate revenue without complete and clear disclosure. With exception, my blog may exist for business purposes, therefore I use it to talk about products & services that relate to my business, thus assisting me in generating leads & sales for me indirectly






2 responses to “Are You Blogging Honorably”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    Blogs with honor. I don’t believe we need to worry about that. The blogs that are actually using the PayPerPost system and plugging products solely to receive compensation I highly doubt are generating much traffic to their sites or building any substantial readership. They are trying to make money off blogging throught the PayPerPost system because they are not making money off blogging. I also doubt many full-time bloggers or frequent readers will be fooled by product pushing PayPerPosters that do not disclose their “arrangement.”

  2. Strategic Business Blogging Avatar

    Pay Per Post Versus Blogging Honorably…

    There has been a large brouhaha over a company called Pay Per Post. It’s a company that’s paying bloggers X amount of dollars per post to write about products they recommend, or something to that effect. (As you can probably tell, I’m not quite on t…

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