AppleTV and the Three Screens: Computer, iPod and Television

Steve Smith of MediaPost

The same video shows I enjoy on my iPod are now on my TV. All of those little things like Tiki Bar TV, Rumor Girls, Rocket Boom, G4 video game reviews, and many more, are now mashed up into a single input choice on my TV. The digital discovery process that starts on the PC now extends to all three screen, and the portability the mobile piece introduces into the equation, which I think invites sampling and experimentation, reaches onto the TV. The iTunes-powered system also carries bookmarks across the screen, so if everything has been synced recently, what I start watching on one screen picks up on another when I move across all three.






One response to “AppleTV and the Three Screens: Computer, iPod and Television”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Awesome — three screens, showing what you want, when you want it. Very, very cool.
    If I had the money, or the HDTV, I’d get one.
    Your comment about 3 screens just really hits home. There’s some really insightful reviews out there, such as Shelly Palmer’s “Apple TV – Just What the Doctor Ordered”:
    Gotta start saving….

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