Anywired.Com: Attention Freelancers, Bloggers, and Other Web Workers

Skellie, well known “web-only freelancer and staff writer at, Daily Blog Tips, Freelance Switch, NorthxEast and Daily Bits (sounds like a list from my blog reader), has started another blog.  In addition to her wildly successful site, she’s started a new one called
She sums up her latest blog … “Whether you’re chained to a desk and dreaming of freedom or enjoying a 4-Hour work week in Rio, this blog will provide the knowledge you need to be more flexible, more mobile and more productive.”
Flexible, mobile and productive?  That sounds exactly like what I’m looking for and I’m sure the readers at will agree.  So check it out and see what new tips and techniques you can learn to help you work, as Skellie says, “when you want [and] from where you want to be.”






2 responses to “Anywired.Com: Attention Freelancers, Bloggers, and Other Web Workers”

  1. Apoorv Khatreja Avatar

    Is it just me or does everybody feel choked with all the money making sites on the web? 🙁

  2. Lewis Avatar

    I like the idea of a 4 hour work week. Do you think she is referring to James D. Brausch when she mentioned “enjoying a 4-Hour work week in Rio” as that is what he does, and writes about it on his blog at
    Anyway, thanks for the heads up, I’ll check her blog out now

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