Andy Wibbels + Blog = 70

I was doing research for a client the other day and remembered a great site that hosts a compilation of the top marketing blogs.
Todd Andrlik has compiled the Power 150, a ranking of top marketing blogs. The list goes well beyond 150 blogs and actually includes 556 blogs. If you’re looking for some great sites to help boost your business, make sure to check out this site.
The ranking is based upon a variety of criteria including:
* Yahoo inbound links
* Technorati rank
* Technorati inbound blogs
* Technorati inbound links
* Alexa traffic ranking
* Bloglines subscribers
* Google page rank ranks at #70 out of 150.






One response to “Andy Wibbels + Blog = 70”

  1. Darren Rowse Avatar

    its a good list – pity it is so hard to get added to it!

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