Anatomy and Structure of a TypePad, WordPress, Blogger and Movable Type Blog

One useful way to see the difference between blog platforms is to look at what pages they output. I’ve created four diagrams to show the structure of four of the most popular blog platforms.

Blogger TypePad
WordPress MovableType

You can quickly see that while Blogger is free and Google-powered, it lacks some great features like categories and integrated search. WordPress and Movable type have the most options since they are installed on your web server – Blogger and TypePad are hosted for you.

22 thoughts on “Anatomy and Structure of a TypePad, WordPress, Blogger and Movable Type Blog

  1. Rob Poitras

    For the wordpress explanation, when you said “each month has its own page”
    I would revise it to say “An archive listing can display all posts from a day, month, or year on a page”
    It is partially a function of the template that is being used to display the archives and the “hooks” that are built into the wp back end. For example the default theme comes with monthly archives hooks built into the template. Those can be modified or taken out completely. WordPress allows all types of flexibility. That is what makes it so wonderful to use.

  2. Terry

    Is there an advantage to purchasing a stand-alone web blog program and hosting it vs using a web based one, like those described above?

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