Advertisers Fear Blogs

But many companies are wary of putting their brand on such a new and unpredictable medium. Most blogs are written by a lone author. They are typically unedited and include spirited responses from readers who can post comments at will. Some marketers fear blogs will criticize their products or ad campaigns.

Can’t criticize the precious product, can we? If your product and company can’t stand up to criticism – then you probably need to pour those marketing dollars into creating a less-shitty product, eh?






2 responses to “Advertisers Fear Blogs”

  1. Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff Avatar

    I agree with you, wholeheartedly. As consumers, it is our responsibility to respond to what we buy, to our experiences with products and services. Rather than fearing criticism, marketers should listen or rather read and see what new things they can learn. The buying public is a gigantic Research and Development Team — make use of them. Why not find out what’s not working so you can create something that does? Maybe if they changed their attitude and encouraged blogs about their companies and products, there might be more to gain than to lose. And, best of all — it’s free. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  2. jim Avatar

    I totally agree but think about the poor marketing director who decided to be bold and advertise on a blog… well, his product sucks and gets reamed but it’s not his fault, he’s the marketing dude. Next thing you know he’s all over mainstream media as the poor sap that bet on a blog and was completely burned. Oh, and then he’s fired.
    No one wants to be That Guy. 🙂

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