Add the Post Ratings MajikWidget to your TypePad, WordPress, Blogger or Movable Type Blog

My girlfriend Andrea J. Lee (for some reason I always have to refer to her by her full name – it’s a bit like when I first moved to Chicago and lived with 3 women in one house and one of them would call me Michael Andrew Wibbels Junior Senior the Third when calling me from afar) asks:

How do I add that snazzy rating widget that Guy Uber-Saki has on his pages?

Guy is using a little bit of code from a service called MajikWidget. Here’s how to add it to your blog:

  1. Go to and click on the free trial box (at the bottom).
  2. Complete the New User Registration.
  3. Check your inbox for your username and password.
  4. Login to
  5. Select the Star Ranking Widget.
  6. Name the Widget something obvious like ‘Post Rating’
  7. You have the option to credit Guy Kawasaki with coming up with this widget. You should. He’s cool.
  8. Click on Make Widget. A success message displays.
  9. Click on Get Code.
  10. Paste that code at the end of your post (use your HTML view) and click save.

That is a bit labor intensive since you have to have that HTML around each time you are writing a post.

If you are feeling more adventurous you can add the widget to your blog’s actual design.

Blogger users: Go to your blog’s Layout and then add a new Page Element to your sidebar of the type HTML/Javascript. Give the Element a title of Rate This Post and paste the MajikWidget HTML code into text box and click save.

TypePad users: Create a TypeList of the type Notes and title it Rate This Post and add it to your blog. Then go to TypeLists > Rate This Post and add a new item. Leave the item’s Label empty and paste the MajikWidget HTML code into Notes box and click save.

WordPress users with Sidebar Widgets: (get the Sidebar Widgets plugin) Go to Presentation > Sidebar Widgets and create a Text Widget, paste the MajikWidget HTML code into the widget box and click save. WordPress users can also edit their themes and add the HTML right by their post footer. WordPress users can use the following plugins WP-Postratings or Votio plugins.

Movable Type users: paste the HTML at the bottom of the post tags on the Index Page and Individual Archives. MT users can also use the RATEIT plugin.






3 responses to “Add the Post Ratings MajikWidget to your TypePad, WordPress, Blogger or Movable Type Blog”

  1. Sugar Mouse In The Rain Avatar

    I’ve tried this for several weeks but it did not work. All the ratings would get updated whenever one of them changes!

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  3. seo consulting Avatar

    not sure about having to inplement this in every post but i will try it out anyway

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