Adam Curry, Podcast Pioneer, Caught Revising Podcasting Entry on Wikipedia

One of the pioneers of podcasting, Adam Curry, was found to be revising the history of the format on Wikipedia. Or at least a user from an IP address he owns was found to be revising the history of podcasting.
Rogers has the lowdown:

These edits were spotted by Marks and Wikipedia editor Jeremy Hunsinger, who remarked, “For some reason a person at keeps removing vital material that explains some of the history of the development of podcasting.”

and includes a great jibe from a commenter:

You know, i’m looking at all of this.. And i’m seeing a bunch of borderline unemployed grown men bickering like schoolgirls over insignificant pieces of code, and probably poorly-written pieces of code at that… You Apple twinks need to get a life. Seriously.

Curry says he got confused.
Dave Winer’s take.






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