A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink Mindmap

After hearing enough about A Whole New Mind from Andrea over the past few months, I finally gave it a read. Here’s my original notes from attending a teleseminar Pink did a while ago.
Fantastic book!
At the crux of Pink’s argument on the future economic fate of the planet are 3 crucial questions:

Can someone overseas do it cheaper?

Can a computer do it faster?

Is what I’m offering in demand in an age of abundance?

Pink sez the right-brainers shall inherit the earth. That as everyone meets their basic survival needs, there will a be great focus on meaning in products and services – that crucial creative edge that can’t be outsourced or automated.
Much of the book had me saying: ‘Well, yeah.’ As a creative person that’s worked in a corporate environment, much of this is edifying and satisfying.

How do your products help your customers create meaning?

What is your competitive, creative edge?

Something I’d emailed Andrea about is this forks away from the Michael Gerber ‘everything’s a franchise’ model. That everything can’t be systematized because as soon as it is it becomes a commodity and it can be outsourced, automated and replicated.
As a theatre person, I’m very familiar with creating meaning – but how can I flip that around and help others create things that matter just as much to them?

I took my thinking a bit further and determined that the ultimate business of the future is a tattoo parlor. You are literally helping people create meaning – on their own bodies. Andrea of course went berserk over this and she better credit me in her ezine.

Or what if we turn it towards religion – money and meaning cross paths there a huge amount – or politics…?

I made a mindmap of the book and you can grab it: A Whole New Mind Mindmap (625 KB, PDF)






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  1. Andrea J. Lee Avatar

    Beserk is right, especially since I had only just days before posted photos about the tattoos I got, to commemorate a meaningful busienss trip!! Okay they are temporary mendhi ones, but talk about a convergence of minds.
    It’s SO true about tattoo parlours and YES I will give you full credit. 😉 Love how your mind works, Andy.
    Oh btw, the Pink book. The most lasting and probably biggest new meme I got from it is actually demonstrated by this conversation about tattoos. The world is fast becoming one great big Whole New Mind, I think. And wow is that ever cool.
    I wonder if there’ll ever be a day when a person can’t lie cuz the rest of us, sharing this mind, will know it?

  2. Gavin Allinson Avatar

    I think what you have stated that as the systems are in place and even dare I say it outsourced that leaves the business in questions creativity to be the differentiating feature.
    It also urges businesses to spend time being creative rather than hiding behind the mundane tasks that we perceive as being valuable and important

  3. Charles Burke Avatar

    Even self expression can be commoditized of course.
    I live in a small resort town in Japan, and during the summer, at one end of the street is a young lady who sets up a custom tattoo booth. All done by airbrush, top rate talent, and expensive.
    At the other end of the street is a kid who does airbrush tattoos also – but he apparently has no talent, so he uses stencils (I’m not kidding… paper stencils for tattooing).
    People line up for both services, some for the upscale, individualized touch, and others for the cheap, unimaginative assembly-line service.
    So clearly there’s a market at both ends of the spectrum, and the marketer who forgets that tastes vary is being unrealistic.
    My point? Don’t underrate commoditization, since there’s a big demand for it. But if you go for that end of the market, you still have to stand out with a sharply defined identity. Branding, in other words.
    Cheers from sunny Japan,

  4. Dipankar Subba Avatar

    Hey Andy,
    Dood MindMap. I had done one on the same book using FreeMind sometime in November 2005. Just wanted to let you know, good MindMap and hope to see more people using it. Great to see other perspectives of it but all reinforce Dan’s great idea on 3As and 6 skills.
    BTW. It’s easy to put up an interactive FreeMind MindMap using a little Java applet. If you want to incorporate that on your site, let me know. I’d be glad to help.

  5. Scott Bridges Avatar
    Scott Bridges

    Would love to be able to read the outline you have at the top of the page, but it is far too small to copy…could you please send me a readable version. Thanks so much, SB

  6. Tom Lademann Avatar
    Tom Lademann

    Hi! Could you send me the orginal MindMap document?? I am an avid MM’er and would like to have the original to add my own notes to. Greatly appreciate the work you’ve done constructing this one.

  7. Carol Saha Avatar

    I love no bs university, too. I made my 26 yr old daughter read that chapter and even tho she can’t keep a job because she really needs to be her own boss, she didn’t get it. On the other hand, my 12 yr old son was reading the book and telling me how good it was.
    PS what is a twat nozzle? I know what my definition of a twat is, and it didn’t fit what you said. Really.

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