A Podcast Catalogue

Blinkx listens to podcasts: Blinkx.tv launched a service last week allowing Web users to search thousands of podcasts, MarketWatch reported. The company uses speech recognition and a “contextual engine” to listen to audio files on the Web, said Suranga Chandratillake, the company’s founder. “It’s a combination of physics to break things down and also some intelligence to understand it.” In an interview, Chandratillake said Blinkx.tv has catalogued almost 20,000 podcasts, audio files that can be downloaded from the Web for playback on PCs or portable media players. He said the update to Blinkx.tv also includes content in video blogs. The company has been scouring the Web for podcasts since May, he explained, and is now adding them at the rate of 1,000 a day. (Source: Great Lakes IT Report 7/5/05)






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