A Dimension of Sight and Sound

There must be something about this time of year – and it doesn’t matter your climate. Everyone I talk to that does this whole work-from-home thing is antsy. I had two colleagues tell me that they are making efforts to get out into the 3-d world. And that’s the word their using. Not the ‘real’ world’ – but the clarity that depth – mental and emotional can be renewed in spacial depth.
I had lunch today with Jill who was driving in to teach some NLP classes. We had a great lunch and it was fun to totally meet someone totally new. She’d heard me on our preview call for Blog Your Way to a Bestseller and wanted to pick me brain. And it was fun to actually have a meeting that wasn’t on the phone – and the bonus was it required a short walk.
Winter in Chicago this year is creepy. It has only snowed a bit. I wonder if this is supposed to be because of El Nina. You know that is Spanish for The Nina.
I don’t think it’s global warming because Michael Crichton says it’s just a theory.
I’ve mused lately that there isn’t as much of my personality in this blog as their used to be – much of it gets siphoned of to the personal blog so I’m going to renew my effort to write mini-journals in this blog.






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