7 Could Be The Magic Number For Apple

John Stoneman writes on the InMobi blog:

The Apple marketing team is highly praiseworthy when it comes to creating hype around product launches. A recent press invitation which had a weve got a little more to show you feel, was no different. Rumours are rife that todays event will be the unveiling of a 7-inch addition to the iPad range; a move that might seem unwise to many people for a number of reasons. Steve Jobs previously dismissed the idea of a smaller tablet, labelling the devices tweeners, too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad. As history has proved before, when Apple has not followed Jobs advice, thats when it has made some of its biggest mistakes; typically when they prioritised profit over product. To put it bluntly, a smaller iPad is an example of a potential mistake in the making. No matter how slim and sleek the product may look, you cant escape the fact it could be seen as a gap-filler, with the product lacking that va-va voom in innovation.

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