60 Minutes Called

I get out of the gym and there’s a voicemail from an associate producer of 60 Minutes.
I immediately started thinking I have to get downtown and buy a new suit so I can tape with Morely Safer tonight! (Is he still alive?)
(Sunday night dinner at the Wibbels house always included watching 60 Minutes – just as regularly as Sunday morning post-Mass breakfast included donuts, orange and Star Trek – both of these occassions were the few times we were allowed to have the TV on whilst we ate)
60 Minute had found one of my blog postings and was asking for more resources and references in researching an upcoming segment.
Still, pretty darned cool!






4 responses to “60 Minutes Called”

  1. Lisa Wilder Avatar

    Very darned cool, Andy. I don’t know anyone else who got a call from 60 minutes this week….or ever for that matter. Very darned cool.

  2. Kristie T Avatar

    Most excellent my blogging friend! The media has their eye on you now! Great job! Just goes to show the media really DOES read blogs and if you want to be seen as an expert, you really need to have one!
    Way to go dude!

  3. Verna Avatar

    60 Minutes! Can Oprah be far behind? (I think she’d be a lot more fun than Morley Safer, dead or alive.)
    Blog on, Blog Master!

  4. eSoup Avatar

    A Week in the Life of a HOT Problogger…

    I gotta brag on Andy for a few minutes, cuz I’m just so excited about how popular he’s been with the mainstream national jounalists this week. I think it started off on Wednesday with a call from a producer at…

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