5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Verna tagged me with the ‘five things people don’t know about you’ meme 2 weeks ago and I’ve been trying to dredge up things that I have never chronicled on either my business-y or personal blog. When you’ve been blogging for 6 years it is hard to come up with anything new to reveal.
1) I taught myself BASIC programming on a Commodore 64.
2) I did a gender-bending study of Ophelia for acting class one quarter.
3) I have the entire score to Sweeney Todd memorized.
4) I acted in 2 straight-to-video productions of Ed Wood novels.
5) I know how you stop dye from dying wool. (You piss on it, the urine stops the dying process)
Bonus: I am in a fifth generation of entrepreneurs. I was in a print ad for Jim Beam once. I’ve been in two productions of Guys and Dolls.






5 responses to “5 Things You Might Not Know About Me”

  1. Verna Wilder Avatar

    I wish I had been able to see your take on Ophelia. I’m sure I’d have loved it. Thanks, Andy.

  2. Lyle Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach Avatar

    You are such an artist, guy!
    Guys and dolls! Cool!
    I love the Commodore bit.
    1. I actually played PONG!!
    2. We had the 2nd black and white TV on our block in 1954!
    3. I used to program in Basic on a “Time Share” computer. Who remembers time sharing?
    4. I was a cracker jack Fortran programmer and once wrote a database system in Fortran!
    5. I was the co-writer and on screen narrator for an award winning video about the Men’s Movement.
    Tra la, LL

  3. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    Men’s Movement! Rock out with your Iron John, Sam Keen, Robert Bly self!
    My Ophelia was a bit weak. The character itself is problematic. For the most part the play ‘happens to Ophelia’ instead of her having course of action. Her supposed suicide is her one big action (I say supposed because how the hell did Gertrude know everything that happened to her? Was she there? Was she watching?).

  4. Martha Garvey Avatar

    Very cool. Did you get to see the latest “Sweeney Todd” on Broadway? I thought it was amazing.
    1. I once performed a selection from “A Doll’s House” while dressed in a garment bag. Good times, good times.
    2. I grew up absolutely terrified of dogs–and now I am a pet book author AND the owner of a pit bull mix.
    3. There is a character named after me in a Mel Gibson movie.
    4. On my first date with my husband, we discovered that we both owned Ed Grimley accessories (me, a lunchbox, him, a talking doll).
    5. I was the content wrangler for what was at the time the largest sign in Times Square.

  5. Sharon Sarmiento Avatar

    I love it how folks are responding with their own “5 Things no one knows about me lists”!
    Andy, I believe the most suprising thing I’ve ever learned about you is that as a child you did handweaving as a summer job.
    That’s just surreal–I can just imagine you as a little kid weaving away on the big looms.
    But maybe you’ve already revealed that online before–I don’t know. If you have I missed it!

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