2006 Report from US Special Ops Command: “Covert Blogs as Military Information Operations”

Cryptome got a copy of a 2006 report written by the Joint Special Operations University, part of the US Special Ops Command. The report sees finesse and subtley in using covert blogging:

Some of the possible techniques we have explored in our discussion
of the military use of blogging require a certain degree of subtlety,
finesse, and yes, covert action. By giving military blog-based operations to the Intelligence and Special Operations communities, these uses become less risky and more feasible. However, military operations must necessarily remain only a part of a larger effort. Given the current state of U.S. and international law, and the distribution of the necessary authorities among many (often competing) government agencies, any future conduct of influence operations through the blogosphere will require a truly integrated interagency approach, and thus belongs properly at the national level as a part of an overarching Strategic Communications effort






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