1/8 US Adults Use Blogs for News

Talked to Thomas Hargrove from Howard Scripps yesterday to give some reaction to their new survey:

A survey of 1,010 adult residents of the United States by the Scripps Survey Research Center of Ohio University found that nearly a quarter of young adults say they read blogs at least once a week, compared to just 3 percent of people 65 or older. Blogs are most popular among well-educated single people, especially those without children, who live in major urban areas or along the high-technology centers of the West Coast. Blogs are least popular among residents of Northeastern states, among blacks and among residents of rural areas.

2 thoughts on “1/8 US Adults Use Blogs for News

  1. Tim

    That’s some interesting stats.
    I definately think that blogs are taking a more prominent role in mainstream media. But as a fellow blogger, I can’t help but wonder how my ideological biases will affects our blogs’ contents. The political lynchfest that blogs have done in the past can be quite brutal at times.


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