100% Juice is a Lie

Home for the holidays means trip to the Wal-Mart Superstore. Sometimes it’s so quiet in Clarksville, Indiana you can hear the money being sucked out of the community.

The bottle says CRANBERRY and 100% JUICE.

But it isn’t 100% cranberry juice.

It is cranberry juice mixed with apple juice.

So yes – it is 100% JUICE but no 100% CRANBERRY JUICE.







4 responses to “100% Juice is a Lie”

  1. Paul Avatar

    At least it wasn’t full of high fructose corn syrup

  2. Andrea J Lee Avatar

    Andy – the juice thing gets worse, in my opinion anyway.
    Do you guys have those ‘fruit’ candy commercials in the USA? We do.
    The gist of which are, that there is a family scene where the sound of fruit being sliced is heard. Then, cut to the scene where the kids pick up – not a fruit – but a fruit candy, and when they bite it, it crunches as if it were a real fruit.
    This makes me cringe. I worry that one day kids will take a bite of a real apple and say something like ‘Hey mom, this apple tastes like that candy we always have…’
    The candies are supposed to be 100% fruit juice too. I’m not sure what kind.
    It’s almost as freaky as when someone told me their kids have no idea where milk comes from. That ‘they think rice dream comes from a box.’
    And I thought my childhood was weird cuz I swore brown eggs came from brown chickens…chocolate milk from brown cows. (No Andrea, those are for steak.)

  3. Heather Avatar

    It gets better. Usually when something has “no sugar added,” and claims to be 100% juice, they’ve added apple or grape juice, both of which are very very sweet and contain lots of sugar.
    The best is when you’re in a health food store and they try to make surgar sound better in the ingredients list by calling it “Organic Cane Sugar” or “Naturally Harvested Sugar.” Like that means it’s really THAT much better for your body.
    People will buy anything if the front of the package says “All Natural” or “No sugar added” — even if it means they get their daily dose of carcinogenic splenda or other sweetners. Ugh.
    My favorite is hard candy with the following on the label “A Naturally Low Fat Food”.

  4. Teresa Avatar

    100% Cranberry juice is too tart for most people to drink. Think of lemons. Make Cranade. One recipe is take one cup of 100% cranberry juice (usually found in organic section of store, not with the juices) add water to fill the 2 quart pitcher the rest of the way. It’s not too bad with just the water, but I also add stevia.
    I’ve also read recipes where people add it to sparkling water, but I haven’t personally tried that.

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